It's Our Anniversary!

What a year it has been for the CBPG! Starting from scratch last November, we're now moving forward with confidence, and have received many commitments from advertisers, past and present, especially those who have stuck with us right from the start - it wouldn't have been possible without your support!

Finally, a special thanks to Nigel Salmon at Girasol Homes who was first to commit to advertising with us - and features again this month to start our second year!

16 Nov 2017
Maria and the Pink Ladies - November 2017

Thursday 19th October saw the 10th anniversary of Timeless Fashions at Punta Marina Commercial Centre.

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16 Nov 2017
J.B. Brass Band - November Newsletter

As Christmas fast approaches, the band is already rehearsing their Christmas favourites.

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09 Dec 2017
Look younger and live longer!

Many experts believe that certain illnesses we start to experience when we reach middle age such as heart disease, cancer and arthritis could be avoided.

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09 Dec 2017
Iberian Insurance Services - Villamartin

Iberian Insurance Services have been operating in the Costa Blanca for over 14 years. Staff members have more than 30 years' accumulated industry experience between them.

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08 Dec 2017
Looming Brexit deadline leaves GBP unsettled, ECB decision ahead...

Over the course of November the GBP/EUR exchange rate fluctuated between highs of €1.14 and lows of €1.10, before ultimately closing the month at €1.13.

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November 2017's edition was published on the 16th November.

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Featured Agent · November 2017

Girasol Homes

Girasol Homes was our very first feature agent, so who better to start us off on our second year!

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