Featured Agent · Issue #10 · Aug 2017

Having first opened an office in Altea in northern Costa Blanca in 2009, Oskar and his partners decided to move to Torrevieja several years ago as this is where they found that most of their clients seemed to prefer!

Since moving to their office in Calle Ramon Gallud - they have firmly established themselves with more than their natural Scandinavian clientele – very possibly because of their basic business values - Vi tar hand om vara kunder! (or, We take care of our customers!).

Everyone who has bought a property anywhere knows how valuable it is to be able to trust their agent – especially when they are buying in a land where the language and business practices are so different.

Oskar and partners have established a network of professionals they can recommend to clients. Whether it is a simple studio being purchased, or a block of flats, they know a professional who will ensure the transaction will proceed with absolute integrity.

When Oskar decided to advertise with the CBPG, we asked him to be our feature client this month and called round to see him at his office. The following is a summary of our conversation:

Hello Oskar! Can we start our chat by asking how long your company has been established in the Costa Blanca?

Hansson & Hertzell has been established since 2009 when we first opened an office in Altea, but now our main office is in Torrevieja.

Would you have done anything differently if you could start again?

You always make mistakes in life. The important thing is that we learn from them and do better, which I think we have done.

How many staff members/offices does the company have at this moment?

At the moment we have four people in our Torrevieja office. We also have a partner office in Paris.

What do you think is the secret of your success?

Very definitely a good, strong, committed team with a client-focused approach.

Why did you choose Torrevieja to start up your business? Why would you recommend that people should come here?

We moved to Torrevieja because most of our clients are buying in the south Alicante region.

How do you see the property market moving in the foreseeable future?

At the moment things look very good and, if nothing too extreme happens in the near future I think we will see at least another 4-5 years of strong sales figures.

What do you see as the main challenges for Estate Agents in the next few years?

New technologies are changing the landscape. Those who adapt will gain a competitive advantage but others will find it difficult. Also the reputation for estate agents in Spain is not the best which is damaging for all of us.

If there was one thing that you could say made you feel different to the hundreds of other Estate Agents in the Costa Blanca, what would that be?

Vi tar hand om vara kunder! - We take care of our clients!

Calle Ramon Gallud, outside the Torrevieja office

This article appeared in issue #10 of the Costa Blanca Property Guide, published on 19 August 2017. This issue can be accessed online here. You can view all of our agent features here.