Featured Agent · Issue #13 · Nov 2017

Girasol Homes was our very first feature agent, so who better to start us off on our second year!

Hello Nigel – How has 2017 been for Girasol Homes?

Nigel: Ali it's been a terrific year for us, while Brexit has had an impact, we moved fast to secure International Markets, opening an office in Antwerp, Belgium, and a massive program of Property Expos in Belgium, Holland, Sweden and the UK. We have also put roots down in Scandinavia, which will be a large market for us in 2018. We also put ourselves into the ‘expert' category for New and Modern Style Homes all across Alicante and Murcia Regions.

What would you say was your primary focus for 2018?

Nigel: To build on what we did in 2017 and look to grow this area of the business and expand in the area of Spain and also open new offices internationally. We will also repeat the expos in Spring 2018

How long has your company has been established in the Costa Blanca?

Nigel: 10 years this year (2017)

Would you have done anything differently if you could start again?

It's a mantra of mine not to have any regrets - we have learned a lot in 10 years!

How many staff members/offices does the company have at this moment?

In Spain, 17 colleagues, in 3 offices, 1 in Belgium, and 1 in the UK.

What do you think is the secret of your success?

Listening to clients; a helpful attitude; a trained and secure team of colleagues and a very smart approach. In essence, our Girasol people are superb.

Why did you choose the Costa Blanca to start up your business? And why would you recommend that people should come here?

Ease of access, great weather, growing economy, lots to do, a cosmopolitan environment and great prices as well!

How do you see the property market moving in the foreseeable future?

Modern homes are very popular and are potentially growing at a faster rate, but you have to be smart at advising people where to buy for the long run. Smaller, less resourced agents who pop up when the market is hot will start to disappear again. You have to know and offer a long term solution for clients before, during, and after the sales process, and to be ready to help them with any queries?

What do you see as the main challenges for Estate Agents/Constructors in the next few years?

Balancing growth with expectation; pricing realistically and developing in a sympathetic way.

If there was one thing that you could say made you feel different to the hundreds of other Estate Agents in the Costa Blanca, what would that be?

We innovate; we think about the client constantly (because they are the only ones that matter); we care, and we are here for the long term, that's 4 things!

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This article appeared in issue #13 of the Costa Blanca Property Guide, published on 16 November 2017. This issue can be accessed online here. You can view all of our agent features here.