Publish Dates

A brief note about our publish dates:

The Costa Blanca Property Guide's publish dates are calculated based on our sister paper: The Tenerife Property Guide.

The TPG is published on the first Wednesday of the month, provided it doesn't fall on the 1st. For example, March this year (2017) started on a Wednesday, but The TPG was published on the following Wednesday, the 8th. Our publish dates are approximately two weeks after, giving our team (all three of us) some leeway between putting the papers together. Because of this, all our publish dates are subject to change.


Issue Month Publish Date
15 January 18th January 2018
16 February 15th February 2018
17 March 22nd March 2018
18 April 19th April 2018
18 May 17th May 2018
19 June 14th June 2018
20 July 19th July 2018
21 August 16th August 2018
22 September 20th September 2018
23 October 18th October 2018
24 November 15th November 2018
25 December 13th December 2018